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Need Baby Shower Gift Ideas?

Baby shower gifts can be harder to choose than you think. You might end up buying something someone already owns or has received as a gift. Baby shower gift ideas are our specialty and we have a great selection of functional, useful personalized baby gifts and diaper bags to make life easier for that new mommy and daddy in your life. With so many bright colors and cute designs to choose from, you can find that perfect, personalized gift to keep baby occupied or give the parents a helping hand. With The Crazy Dazy gift ideas for babies don’t have to be a headache!

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Mud Pie Unicorn Backpack Mud Pie Unicorn Backpack


Price: $22.99
7 in stock!
Mud Pie Bear Camo Canvas Backpack Mud Pie Bear Backpack


Price: $22.99
8 in stock!
Mud Pie Mermaid Canvas Backpack Mud Pie Mermaid Backpack


Price: $22.99
5 in stock!
Mud Pie Super Hero Tooth Fairy Doll Mud Pie Super Hero Tooth Fairy Doll


Price: $14.99
11 in stock!
Mud Pie Chambray Bow Headband Mud Pie Chambray Bow Headband


Price: $7.99
2 in stock!
Mud Pie Navy Bow Headband Mud Pie Navy Bow Headband


Price: $7.99
4 in stock!
Maison Chic Speedy the Sloth Tooth Fairy Pillow Speedy the Sloth Maison Chic Tooth Fairy Pillow


Price: $14.99
3 in stock!
Mud Pie Ivory chiffon flower headband Mud Pie Ivory Chiffon Flower Headwrap


Price: $8.99
4 in stock!
Mud Pie Blue Plush Cute Bunny Mud Pie Blue Floppy Velour Plush Bunny


Price: $16.99
Sale Price: $12.00
Savings: $4.99
2 in stock!
Maison Chic Llucky the Llama Multifunction Blankie Llucky the Llama Maison Chic Teething Blankie-Monogrammed


Price: $21.99
Sale Price: $15.00
Savings: $6.99
(Out of Stock)
Mud Pie Pink Chiffon Flower Headband Mud Pie Pink Chiffon Flower Headband


Price: $8.99
1 in stock!
Mud Pie Ballerina Tooth Fairy Doll Mud Pie Ballerina Tooth Fairy Doll


Price: $14.99
7 in stock!

Baby Shower Gifts Can Brighten Their Day!

Bright colors attract our attention all the time. Keep your baby occupied with a bright, stuffed toy from The Crazy Dazy plus they are functional too as a Tooth Fairy Pillow. Then you are giving a gift that is useful for years to come. Also, while you are here check out our pacifier clips and bibs that are fun-ctional! Treat yourself or your friends with some of the great baby shower gifts available at The Crazy Dazy. Just try not to get yourself distracted by all those bright colors!

Personalized Baby Gifts at The Crazy Dazy

Give the babies in your life gifts they will cherish when they are older. Personalized baby gifts can be a cute, unique, and memorable way to show someone you care. Kids grow up so fast these days, so what do you give them when they are older? The Crazy Dazy has gifts for kids of all ages with customized dance bags, fun kids backpacks, lunch boxes, go-go bags, and more. Whatever you need, has you covered. Check out our selection of Stephen Joseph back packs for fun, personalized bags for kids and save with free shipping on $75+ orders!