The Crazy Dazy
We are Different because We are Personal!

About The Crazy Dazy Girlz

If you need to reach us for any reason,
please call toll free 1-877-561-6456 or at 417-358-8513.

Our store hours are 9:30am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday!
337 S. Main St.
Carthage, MO 64836

We are thrilled you are shopping with us! Let us tell you a little about us!

We love what we do! We know that we are helping you provide "Great Gifts" to the little ones in your life. Whether they are your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, friend's kids, new babies or any kind of cute kid, we know that they are special to you and that means they are special to us.

We are honored that you chose to shop with us and we do everything we can to make this the best shopping experience out there in the big wide world. Speaking of world, we ship worldwide, so wherever you need a gift to go we can ship it.

So do you want to meet The Crazy Dazy Girlz? Here we go...


Whether you call or email, you may be talking with Valerie. She is on top of things, let me tell ya. If she thinks that you may have something incorrect on your order, she will give you a call. I know, right? Where do you find that these days? Or if you write a concern on your order notes, she will get back with you right away. And if you are unsure how something will look, you can give her a call and she will help you order the best gift ever! We are crazy around here and believe in "personal" customer service! She also makes sure our store is stocked with the best gifts for you to shop from. Valerie lives in Carthage with her husband and two beautiful girls.


Jan is our embroiderer extraordinaire. She is amazing at stitching names onto our backpacks, bags, luggage, etc. She is a master at running two big embroidery machines at a time while making the name that is stitched looks amazing. She takes the time to make sure the name is as big as it can be and that is looks just perfect. You won't get this kind of attention any where else.
The job she does to make the name on your bag perfect is stunning. We are thrilled that your bag gets the opportunity to be handled with the care that Jan provides. She lives in Carthage with her husband. Plus, she is the mom of Bekah who you will meet next!


Celesta works hard at keeping our website up and running so you can shop with ease. She keeps up with our email newsletters, social media and our overall design. She works from home so she can be with her little boy. She loves to take pictures and show off our Crazy Dazy style to everyone who will take a look at our cute stuff. We laugh that she works for a company that is a whole lot of pink but she has two boys. She lives in the country near Carthage with her husband and those two crazy boys.


Eve is the glue that holds us all together! As the CEO of the company, she keeps everything running smooth. Her job is to track every little detail for The Crazy Dazy. We think she can make a report in her sleep. She works behind the scenes and on all the number stuff; that's the stuff that makes the rest of us cringe. We love that she wants our company to be family friendly and she works hard to make sure we keep our families first. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband, two boys & a sweet little girl.

What is The Crazy Dazy?

Our favorite thing that we do is personalize backpacks and bags for kids. At The Crazy Dazy we know that a young child loves nothing more than seeing their name on something that they love! You may be able to pick up a kids backpack from another website but not all can personalize. Here at The Crazy Dazy we personalize with the most options of fonts and embroider with the biggest size possible. You will be impressed by the quality and size!

Just wanted to let you know that The Crazy Dazy has live people, yes LIVE people at the store and you can actually call and talk to them! All kidding aside, We have the best customer service out there! I know that is something you hear all the time, but when you need help or trying to decide what to purchase, it is something that is very important to you. So when you call us here at The Crazy Dazy, You will receive the best customer service by talking to a real person who is excellent at what she does! Give us a try. We just wanted to let you know that one reason (besides our super cute personalized backpacks and personalized dance bags) to shop at The Crazy Dazy is that you will talk to a super nice gal on the phone when you call! Just thought we should let you know that we are “Here to Help” to GIVE GREAT GIFTS! If you want to check out what other people have said about our Customer Service, check out our Feedback page.

Remember at The Crazy Dazy we are different because we are Personal!!