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Nap Mats for Kids

Looking for a unique birthday gift for kids or even a baby shower gift? A Personalized Stephen Joseph Nap Mat is a great idea! Get these adorable personalized nap mats for your toddler or preschooler to take to daycare or preschool for nap time! They come with an attached pillow and blanket and can roll up to be carried like a backpack. Why not get them something that is fun and cute and will make them have a magical nap time!
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Nap with a Stephen Joseph Nap Mat

These Nap Mats by Stephen Joseph are perfect for taking a nap at day care or kindergarten. Go ahead and have their name personalized onto the mat which is a great way to teach them how to spell their precious name. Plus, we think these make great mats for baby's tummy time. Since you can carry it like a backpack, you will be able to take this mat with you wherever you go. It makes a safe, soft place for baby to have a little tummy time!