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Sarahjanes Oilcloth Bags | Made in the USA!

Want something Fun & Funky that shows off your personality? Or looking for a Mothers day gift that she will fall in love with? Well, we think we have hit the jackpot! We have found Sarahjanes Oilcloth Bags. These are the perfect large tote bags and cosmetic bags.

Sarahjanes Beach Bags

Since the bags are made of oilcloth which is a printed vinyl, they wipe clean, do not stain and are waterproof! What more could you ask for in a mom's bag? I know what more you could ask for! Can you get these awesome bags by Sarahjanes personalized? YES go ahead and find the style and pattern that you love and get it personalized with your name! Just like the tablecloths from the 1950's, this cloth is very similar, you wipe it off and it comes clean. But the new oilcloth is a printed vinyl with a poly/cotton backing which is waterproof, so just rinse clean. But remember do not launder, dry clean or iron your oilcloth bags. And if they get wrinkled, lay out in the sun and the wrinkles will come out when it gets warm. Oilcloth products are NOT intended for children 12 and under.