How long personalization takes at The Crazy Dazy

Personalization Terms & Conditions
Current Personalization Time:
On Average 2-3 Business days
*Not including shipping time.

Here at The Crazy Dazy we are committed to fast delivery of your gifts! We know that you have kids waiting for them to arrive in the mail. We will do our best for them to arrive as quickly as possible. Check out our current time for personalization.

PLEASE NOTE: Most bags arrive within a week except during the August Back-to-School Rush and Christmas Rush, but if you MUST have your bag in a faster time frame, choose a UPS expedited shipping option or USPS Express Mail. Please Call us if you are concerned about timing. Thank you so much!

*If you have any concerns about size or personalization of your item, please contact us before having your item personalized.

*We're sorry, because personalized items are not resalable, personalized items cannot be returned.

*The Crazy Dazy reserves the right to use our embroiderer's discretion to configure names in a manner that will result in the best finished product for our customers. This may include adjusting letters to allow for the best overall appearance of a name. (ie: bringing letters in line with baseline.)

*Please Note: For regular personalization, we only have 4" of width or height (if stitching vertically or diagonally) to work with at this price. We always make your custom embroidery as big as possible, but sizes may vary based on length of name, method of stitching and placement on bag, backpack, etc. For the Big & Bold personalization, the width is up to 7".