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Looking for personalized, unique gifts for Christmas this year? The Crazy Dazy is your one-stop source for everything personalized! Whatever you’re looking for, we have what you need at prices you can afford. Buy something for all the important children in your life and save with free shipping on orders of or more. Check out our selection of embroidered Stephen Joseph Quilted Backpacks that are great as a cute baby diaper bag or for a toddler backpack or a personalized preschool backpack. Christmas and the need for the best Christmas gifts is just around the corner! Find all of the cutest gifts for those in your life!

Looking for some ideas for all of those Birthdays this year? Why not give a personalized bag to your Birthday boy or girl that they will love forever! Kids love to see their name! Plus, we also have all that you need to travel with kids over holiday break. Our kid rolling luggage by Stephen Joseph is one of our most popular items. With their name embroidered on the luggage, your kids will love to carry their own personalized kids suitcase which makes things so much for easier for you. Be sure if you are traveling through an airport you chose a monogram with just their initials. That just keeps you kids safe from people yelling their name!

We think we have some super cute dance bags! Pick out a cute dance bag and give it to her for her birthday or even for when she goes back to dance! Horizon Dance Bags is one of our most popular dance bags for the best dancers. The Crazy Dazy has a large selection that includes personalized dance garment bags, embroidered dance duffel bags, ballet bags, dance costume bags, dance totes, dance backpacks & of course dance shoe bags. So if you are looking for a personalized dance bag, then you are in the right place. We specialize in making custom dance bags, just for your dancer.

Or you might be looking for a a great idea for a mom, grandma, aunt or just that special lady in your life! You will want to take a peek at our new large selection of Mud Pie Gifts. These are some cute monogrammed totes and embroidered cosmetic bags. When you add a embroidered name or one of our new monograms, these Mud Pie women's gifts transformed from perfectly functional to perfectly stylish! Perfect for a mom on-the-go. These are also great for all those trips you will be taking over Thanksgiving, Christmas or the holiday break.

Our selection of popular, unique kids gifts will blow your mind. One of favorites is our Maison Chic Tooth Fairy Pillows. If you take a peek at our shark tooth fairy pillow named Bruce, you will find that the tooth fits down in his mouth. How cool!?! The tooth fairy pillows are perfect stocking stuffers. Plus, check out our stocking stuffer category to find Stephen Joseph wallets. These are perfect to go in stockings or to even mail to your grandchild because you can slip some money into the wallet and it becomes a large gift in a small package. So you can find one-of-a-kind gifts, here at The Crazy Dazy as well as the best monogrammed backpacks, personalized kids luggage and much more. Grab a gift that will be FUN-ctional for a long time and be the hit Christmas morning!


Welcome to your one-stop-shop for adorable personalized kids accessories! The Crazy Dazy believes in providing a personal touch in everything we do. We Are Personal is our motto and we live that philosophy each and every day. We are here to help you give the best Christmas gifts, unique holiday gifts, cool birthday presents, different dance recital gifts, cute baby shower gifts and much more! From our Stephen Joseph quilted backpacks to our personalized dance duffle bags, each product is selected with attention to quality, functionality and individuality of style. With a huge variety of personalized diaper bags, baby gifts and embroidered bags for kids, including the best selection of personalized Stephen Joseph backpacks, we’re certain you’ll leave The Crazy Dazy delighted with your purchase and shopping experience!