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Giving money? Get this cute kids wallet and give it with the money!

Are you giving money as a gift for those birthdays and looking for a fun and unique gift idea? Give the money in a wallet, this way the money holder is reusable and super cute! Stephen Joseph kids wallets are great for keeping track of the money your kids earn. Have them give, have them save, and then put their spending money in one of these cute wallets! These cool kids wallets are also perfect Valentine's Day gifts for kids! Perfect way to show your love that last longer than cupcakes!

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Our Wallets have Matching items too!

These wallets by Stephen Joseph are so cute and functional! The great thing about our wallets is that there are all kinds of things that match them as well! You can get a matching lunch box, backpack, water bottle, nap mat and so much more! Go ahead and see the look on his or her face when they get a wallet and maybe even a wallet with some money in it!